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Hey, this is me!

Hello! I’m Noor B Sharma, in my fourth year at Ashoka University, intricately blending Economics, Psychology, and Sociology in my interdisciplinary studies. As an emerging behavioral science consultant, my passion lies at the nexus of design and user experience optimization, where detail meets big-picture thinking.


My work is characterized by the innovative fusion of behavioral science with marketing and design solutions, where I develop strategies that are not just effective, but also aesthetically resonant. This approach transforms complex insights into practical, compelling solutions.


In the realm of art and design, I use my creative voice to delve into and reflect the intricacies of our society. My creations are more than visual art; they are dialogues, challenging and exploring the socio-political landscape around us. These pieces become graphic manifestations of the tangible outcomes I envision in my projects.


If you’re passionate about pioneering strategic design solutions that marry form with function, I'd love to connect. Let's collaborate to shape a future where design transcends aesthetics and becomes a catalyst for meaningful change.

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