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Crafted a design language that encapsulated Lahaab's community's history and brand's essence. The branding is more than just visuals; it's a tribute to the Bohra cuisine's heritage.

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Produced the branding guidelines & marketing assets alongside the founders for Vivo's IGNITE campaign, a science fair with 20,000+ participants.

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I interned at The Economic Times under the tutelage of Mr. Anirban Bora. Each supplementing an article,  these illustrations are designed after a careful consideration of ET's audience, the tone of the article, and its appeal on print media.

Designed on Procreate.  


I created a series of posters (for sale) based on movies, music, and TV shows I watched during the first lockdown. Features include Fleabag, Lootera, Peter Cat Recording Co, etc. 

Designed on Procreate.


Designed Ashoka Sport Ministry's official mascot along with their varsities, T-shirts, bottles, and uniforms.

Designed on Procreate. 

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Spear-headed, designed and managed the first data-visualisation project by TCPD, in order to make  political data accessible to the masses (online reach: 50,000+).


Hindustan Unilever (HUL)

Ideated and conceptualised the blueprint of the packaging of a new line of TRESemme products, launching Q1 2024. 

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I designed infographics that breakdown the behavioural causes of social phenomena into easily consumable graphics.

I am also the Creative Head and Researcher of ABIT's flagship publication, The Nudgelet.

Designed on Procreate. 

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Worked at the Indian Headquarters of the Red Cross Society for 3 months with the Marketing Department. Responsible for revamping the website and streamlining the design process in the days leading unto the International Blood Donation Day.

Designed on Procreate.

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Designed Ashoka University's first official merch line. The hoodies and sweaters designed were purchased by over 60% of Ashoka's population. 

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